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At New Jersey Visitors Network, our talented and committed team of writers is the main reason for our success. To keep our site going and always improving we need content producers who know how to write the best articles about a variety of locations in New Jersey, as well as all types of tourism attractions and activities.

Because of that, we are now admitting two new entry-level writers for our team. First off, what do we expect from you? We expect that you have solid writing, researching and communicating skills, as well as an analytical and critical mindset.

We also expect you to be a committed individual who knows how to follow procedures and respect deadlines, while at the same time being able to explore their own creativity and come up with content pieces that are unique, engaging and focused on the reader.

Having a degree in communication, languages, marketing or tourism, as well as being a resident in New Jersey are not necessary requirements. We will only resort to those two factors as criteria for our selection if the top candidates all demonstrate the same level of ability for the job.

Other than what we have already mentioned, we only require that you have a special interest for topics related to tourism. Ideally, you are someone who is reasonably knowledgeable on one or more of the following areas: history, culture, architecture, art, nature, adventure, technology, entertainment.

Now, how can you apply? Head over to our contact page and use the message form to express your interest in applying for a writing position at New Jersey Visitors Networks. We will send you all the necessary information as soon as possible, including all the details about the screening and selection process.

Eventually, we will ask you to send us a 500-word article related to tourism in New Jersey. You can start coming up with ideas. Browse our site to get a grasp on the type of articles we share and how we approach them.

If we like what we read, soon enough we will be discussing your schedule, workplace and payments. Grab this opportunity today!